How do pornstars end

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Anastasia Blue. Overdose of Tulenol (anesthetic) in 2008

Missy. Overdose from tablets in 2008

Kristi Lynn. Car accident in 1995

Savannah. The roof went off drugs and my aunt shot herself in 1994.

Chloe Jones. The lady had a liver failure due to the abuse of combustibles in 2005.

Haley Paige. Assume a murder. An autopsy revealed the presence of methadone. 2007 year

Britney Madison At the age of 21, she tragically died in a car accident. 2005 year

Emily Sander is Zoey Zane. Killed in 2007. Old info on this case can be found on the bourgeois wiki.

Eva Lux. Overdose of heroin in 2005.

Vanessa Freeman. Engaged in prostitution. Killed by one of the clients. In 2007

Charli Waters. She shared the fate of Vanessa Freeman. Killed by a client in 1989

Naughtia Childs. Having eaten acid, it jumped out of the window in 2002 ...

Clarissa Doll. She committed suicide in 2006

Jasmine Gray Car accident in 2005

Karen Lancaume. Having been drugged, she committed suicide in 2005.

Amber Sexxxum. Overdose in 2002

Lea De Mae. Died of brain cancer in 2004

Anna Malle. Tragically died in a car accident in 2006.

Talia James. Suicide.

Taylor Summers. Taylor died as a result of filming a bondage scene at work in 2004.

Juliet Jett. Heroin Overdose in 2005

Sophie Roche. Suicide in 2002

Angela Devi. Hanged herself in 2006

Lisa de Leeuw. She died of AIDS (through an infected syringe) in 1993. She was a drug addict.

Teri Diver. Overdose in 2001

Mary Millington. Suicide in 1979

Tolly Crystal. Threw herself out of the window in 2002.

Linda Wong. Died of an overdose of chlorohydrate, xanax, and alcohol in 1987.

Lolo Ferrari. Overdose of medicines in 2000

Celia Young. Suicide in 1992

Susanna Britton. Suicide.

Megan Leigh. Shot herself.

Chanel Price. Drug overdose in 1992

Rebecca Steele. HIV-infected. Drug overdose.

Bambi Woods. Overdose in 1986.

Bodil Joensen. Cirrhosis due to alcoholism in 1985

Shauna Grant. History repeats itself. Having sniffed cocaine, she shot herself in 1984.

Alex Jordan Having abused drugs, she hanged herself in 1995.

Nancee Kellee. She hanged herself in 1991. Daughter of actor Jerry Van Dyke.

Kristine Heller. Suicide in 1989

Kitty Foxx. Stroke in 2004

Lisa Melendez. Died of AIDS-related complications in 1999

Lollypop. Heart attack in 2008

Jill Munroe. Heroin overdose in 1982

Wendy O’Williams. Shot in 1998

Trinity She suffered from depression and on this basis went over with drugs. Died in 1998

Arcadia Lake Overdose in 1990

Tina Russel. Died of cirrhosis due to alcoholism in 1981.

Camilla De Castro. Having sorted with drugs, jumped from the 8th floor.

Karen Dior. Upon learning that she had AIDS, she began to thump and died of cirrhosis.

Claudia Fielers. Suicide.

Melba Bruce. Suicide in 1977

Lynn Tars. Suicide.

Porn Actors:

Most of these actors starred in gay porn.

Jon Dough. Intentional overdose in 2006

Chico Wang. Porn director. Committed suicide by dabbling with drugs in 2007. Suspected of killing Haley Paige.

Lance Heywood. Killed by jumping from a roof in 2005

Tim Barnett. Suspected of seven rapes in Colorado and Texas. He hanged himself in jail in 2005.

Tom Howard Died of AIDS in 2007

Kent North. Suicide in 2007

Johnny Rahm. Upon learning that he was HIV-positive, he took over himself in 2004.

Jay Anthony. Suicide in 2003

Jon Vincent. Intended overdose by herch in 2000

Kyle McKenna. Intentional drug overdose in 2000

Steve Fox He was shot in 1997.

Christian Fox. Suicide. Overdose in 1996

Joel Curry. After the death of his mother, he laid hands on himself in 1995.

Cal Jammer. He was shot in 1995.

Rod Phillips. Dying of AIDS. Accelerated the process of drug overdose.

Alan Lambert. He was shot in 1992.

Kyle Carrington. Suicide in 1989

Andy Mantegna. Suicide.

Andy Dill. Died of meningitis in 2006.

Brett Mycles. He used steroids and died of a heart attack in 2007.

Cole Ryder. Died of a staph infection in 2008.

Cody Foster. Died of liver cancer in 2007. Apparently fiercely thumped.

Danny Dukes Heroin Overdose in 2007

Danny Roddick. Overdose

Haus Weston. Heart attack in 2007

J.D. Ram. Heroin overdose in 1998

Joe Romero. Died of HIV complications in 2007

John Holmes AIDS. Died in 1988

Jon King. Died of HIV complications in 1995

Jon Vincent. Overdose in 2000

Kirby Scott. Overdose in 2006

Kristian Brooks. AIDS. He died in 2006.

Wade nichols. Suicide in 1985

Brad Chase. Hanged himself in 2000

Mark DeBoy. Suicide in 2004


But all the sadness of fate, the Bible gives the answer:

“As witnesses before you, I call heaven and earth today: I offered you blessing and a curse, life and death. Choose life so that you and your offspring live”

(Deuteronomy 30 chapter 19 verse)



"but everyone is tempted, carried away and seduced by his own lust; but lust, having conceived, gives birth to sin, and sin done gives birth to death."

(James 1: 14,15)


"Once I looked out my window,
looked through the window grill
and saw among the simpletons,
noticed among young
one unreasonable youth.
He roamed the street where she lives,
headed to her house -
at dusk at sunset
under cover of night in darkness.
And to meet him a woman -
in the clothes of a harlot, with a crafty heart,
restless and impudent,
and she can’t sit at home:
then she’s on the street, then in the squares,
around every corner lies in wait.
Seduced him with many tricks,
affectionate speech lured.
And immediately he went after her,
like a bull slaughtering
how a deer steps into a trap
where an arrow pierces his liver;
like a bird flies
not knowing that he will pay with life.
Now listen to me children
listen to my words:
may your heart not turn on its way,
do not wander along its paths!
After all, many fell victim to her,
she killed many people.
Her house is the way to the underworld
the road to the halls of death. "

Proverbs 6: 6-22 verses.