Google openly promotes sodom sins

Submitted by adminap on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 21:58

Google has again shown its involvement in the promotion of homosexuality. Before the onset of the ill-fated gay parades, Google made a gift for homosexuals: if you enter a request on "gay", "lesbian", "bisexual" etc., the design of the search engine is transformed and a rainbow appears on the site hugging the button "Search".

Where does this attitude to sexual deviations come from? It turns out that there is a subculture of gayglers inside the company, to which Google once devoted a post on a corporate blog. In 2009, the company donated $ 50,000 to a hotline to help potential gay suicides, and in 2010 raised salaries for homosexual employees so that they could compensate for the cost of health insurance. With their actions, the google manual showed that homosexuality is harmful to health.
We already wrote that many gay porn actors died of aids.

Gay propaganda is the dark spot of our time. Homosexuals try to correct history and change our worldview, they do everything so that we consider that homosexuality is normal.

But despite all this, in 1963, the New York Medical Academy instructed its Public Health Committee to prepare a report on homosexuality, as homosexual behavior was becoming more widespread. The Committee came to the following conclusions:

Homosexuality is indeed a disease. A homosexual is an individual with disorders in the emotional sphere, not capable of forming normal heterosexual relationships.

In addition, this report said:
Some homosexuals go beyond a purely defensive position and begin to prove that such a deviation is a desirable, noble and preferred lifestyle.
They accuse all dissenters of homophobia, as if someone is afraid of them. Or they want to be feared. But the Russian spirit cannot be broken by Western perversions. Unlike the main homo-propagandist of the USA and Europe - a hotbed of democracy and homosexuality, in Russia there was not a single gay parade. This is a victory of common sense, as well as the Orthodox Church.